0 to 500 unique views/month

Back in 2009 (while a junior in college), I started a blog about meditation and personal development. My website, ThinkingSpirit.com, became a platform for long-form content about the topics that interested me most.

With a marketing budget of exactly $0, I went from no traffic at all, to 500 unique views a month from blog content.

That’s the power of content marketing.

Content gone viral

My first experience creating truly viral content came, of all places, at a bank: Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the largest banks in the world.
I was tasked with rolling out the IBM Connections social media platform to an operations group in the United States. Besides creating training materials and running workshops to on-board my group, I started a blog and began writing content.

My first post, “20 AWESOME things you can do with Connections”, went viral across the global network, generating over 6,000 visits and over 90 comments – making it one of the most popular posts of the entire network.

I’ve learned a lot about content creation since then, but the impact of creating entertaining, useful content has stuck with me, and I aim to bring that same level of inventiveness to every content project I face.



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