0 to 500 unique views/month

Back in 2009 (while a junior in college), I started a blog about meditation and personal development. My website, ThinkingSpirit.com, became a platform for long-form content about the topics that interested me most.

With a marketing budget of exactly $0, I went from no traffic at all, to 500 unique views a month from blog content.

That’s the power of content marketing.

Hatching a Website

Hatch Entrepreneurial Center is a co-working and executive suite space with an amazing location. What they didn’t have? A great website.

We developed a contemporary single-scrolling web design to appeal to prospective co-workers, and snapshot profiles to celebrate current Hatch members. We also developed a monthly newsletter, including detailed member feature pieces that we hosted on the Hatch blog, Hatch Insights.

The result? A major, consistent spike in traffic that has generated numerous compliments and more importantly, new members for Hatch.



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